Sep 20, 2023

QlikWorld Global Tour

SDG is a Gold Sponsor at the QlikWorld Global Tour stop at the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta, GA! The event includes a variety of speaker sessions, lunch, and networking opportunities. SDG's own Executive Manager Jason Fishbein will be presenting alongside our client Ryan Alley, CIO of Classic Collision to share their success story in a session entitled Fueling Innovation & Collaboration With Qlik & Snowflake. Learn more about the session below:

Session Abstract

Learn how Classic Collision, a national multi-site automotive collision repair operator, utilizes the power and flexibility of cloud-based data architecture including Qlik and Snowflake to re-energize business leaders to solve complex problems in a scalable way. Initially, Classic Collision’s unique industry, paired with a traditional data architecture, presented several challenges: constrained scalability, limited collaboration between business functions, siloing and duplication of data, and inefficient manual processes developed to bridge gaps created by technical limitations. The difficulty of implementing value-added solutions predictably stifled creativity and restricted data literacy. To help solve these challenges, SDG Group leveraged a Snowflake-based architecture to implement modern ELT pipelines with a wide variety of data ingestion possibilities, brought together and made available for fast, mobile-friendly consumption through Qlik. With this new solution in place, challenges that were previously thought to be impossible to solve are now being tackled with ease. Classic Collision is now equipped with the ability to distribute the right data, to the right people, at the right time. This ultimately empowers business leaders and IT teams alike to make better decisions, materialize their ideas in a scalable way, employ creativity and new innovations like AI to solve complex challenges, and heighten their competitive advantage. 


Those who attend the event will be able to learn how data can drive growth and advantage in the long haul, discover the latest innovations in Qlik's portfolio, and hear other inspiring stories and experiences.

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