May 24, 2023

SDG USA Headquarters - Bedminster

You're invited: experience the next generation of decision intelligence!

With innovation in modern cloud-based data architectures, companies can now efficiently manage and access massive amounts of data, yet business teams remain starved for answers. Traditional business intelligence tools are complex and require significant time and costs to ultimately produce basic insights. Data Science tools help to provide more insights but require technical skill sets that are hard to find and out of reach for most business users. Decision Intelligence helps solve this by leveraging out-of-the-box artificial intelligence and machine learning to empower business users to generate meaningful insights quickly and efficiently.

Come experience Decision Intelligence for yourself. Join us for a hands-on workshop on May 24th to see how Tellius can help bridge this gap and democratize AI driven insights for business and IT teams alike. Tellius is a next-generation Decision Intelligence platform helping to empower organizations across industries and departments to make better, faster data-driven decisions:

In the workshop, you will learn: 

  • Business Users:  Achieve next generation self-service analytics.
  • Analysts: Accelerate your analytics cycle, auto-identify trend drivers, and reduce your backlog.
  • Data Experts: Tackle tougher problems, augment your analytics workflow w/AI insights made easy.
Agenda for the workshop

Please use the form below to register. We look forward to seeing you on May 24th!

About SDG Group

SDG Group is a global consulting firm specialized in Data & Analytics. We are committed to unlocking organizations’ potential and hidden value by offering in-depth analytics expertise that empowers our clients’ business models to become successful data-driven enterprises. Innovation is in our DNA. We constantly innovate our value proposition with cutting-edge laboratories and transformational models to provide the ultimate analytics practices and solutions.

SDG Group works on the pillars of a Triple Expertise, incorporating business process skills by domain with a technological knowledge and a partnership with the most important and innovative software providers. Our portfolio also features cutting-edge laboratories and the development of Advanced Analytics & AI technologies.