Discover how SDG Group helped Aqualia, a large water management company headquartered in Madrid, succeed in their Early Water Leak Detection and Addressing Project.


This project focused on reducing waste, the cost of repairs, and negative environmental impacts. Aqualia chose SDG Group as the project's lead partner due to our extensive industry knowledge and experience with the implemented technologies and proposed customization requirements.


Aqualia is a water management company owned by the citizen services group FCC (51%) and the Australian ethical fund IFM Investors (49%). Aqualia seeks to permanently improve efficiency in production processes and optimize resources with a clear orientation towards the well-being of people, especially the most vulnerable groups. The organization currently serves 45.2 million people in 18 countries. 



Aqualia wanted to provide its global water cycle governance platform, AqualiaLive, with a flow prediction model (to estimate water consumption more accurately) and an anomaly detection model to anticipate possible breaks, leaks, or abnormal consumption.



A six-phase project was implemented that integrated Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, AI, and other intelligent services within their AqualiaLive platform. This allowed Aqualia to achieve significant cost savings and improve hydraulic performance by up to 8% in some municipalities.


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