Playing the original Mario Bros video game is a fond childhood memory for many people. But, what most people don't know is that the entire video game used only 40kb of data. To give you an idea of how impressive that is, the single screenshot of the game below weighs 283kb.
Apr 07, 2020

mario bors

How were the programmers able to achieve only 40kb? They had strict limits for the development framework, the necessary skills, a common culture, and a shared global view of the objectives.

o strengthen your Data Culture, you need to: 


1 – Follow the Data Life Cycle: Data, Technology, Analytics, People, & Culture. 


2 – Have a Common Data Culture: Think about how groups of people will be interested in the same data, and how you can put them together before talking about technology.


3 – Invest in Your Data Architecture: Your data is like coffee beans; it gains value if you crush it and mix it. Invest in your data architecture and governance.


4 – Be Resilient: The probability of failure is high, but you don’t have to give up. Transforming the culture of your organization takes longer than changing the technology.


5 – Learn from Experience: Don’t hire ten Data Scientists to extract insights from partial information as a proof of concept, you won’t transform culture this way.


6 – Focus on Data Literacy: Ensure the organization can read, work, analyze, and discuss data.