When evaluating external services providers to accelerate the success of your data and analytics programs, it's common to align your roadmap strategy and architecture standards with multiple providers to take advantage of their specific capabilities.

This process works well if your organization's vendor management maturity is high, but it's likely that this will not be scalable or sufficient enough for the requirements of the future. Instead, organizations are turning to "all in one" providers to bring the highest value to their programs. 

Firms that are considered "all in one" providers have a high specialization and an end-to-end model for each challenge in management analytics, technology and business strategy. They also exhibit strengths in implementation, data management, AL/ML capabilities and business insights. The expertise of an "all in one" provider replaces the need for multiple external services providers. 

Leading analysts support this notion. Gartner recently published the "2019 Market Guide for Data & Analytics Services Providers" to help organizations evaluate consultancies and accelerate the success of their programs. In the guide, Gartner makes two key market predictions: 

• 1 in 5 organizations will consume data and analytics software and services from a single provider by 2025

• By 2022, evaluators of data and analytics services will disqualify over 50% of external providers due to lack of business knowledge and coverage of essential data strategy and management skills 

The recommendation to use an "all in one" provider is just one of many key insights that can be found in the "2019 Market Guide for Data & Analytics Services Providers."

Download the complete market guide to learn more.