Artificial Intelligence and other technologies are reaching organizations in many different ways depending on the layers of analytics that each company has, its needs, and objectives. Below, we show a selection of relevant trends according to the degree of adoption in the market that will allow you to take advantage of their potential at the right time.



According to the expectation cycles in Advanced Analytics, we would like to delve into some trends that can generate a highly transformative impact and be an accelerator in business strategies and the digital transformation process in the coming years:


Predictive Analytics

  • Degree of adoption: Given Trend.

  • Featured use case: Churn detection

  • Business impact: Increased customer retention success


Text Analytics

  • Degree of adoption: Given Trend.

  • Featured use case: Automatic classification of documentation, emails, calls, etc. 

  • Impact on the business: Cost savings in human resources, customer service, and increased efficiency.


Advanced Anomaly Detection

  • Degree of adoption: Slow-Shift Trend.

  • Featured Use Case: Automatically detecting strange behavior in financial accounting environments.

  • Impact on the business: Increased efficiency and cost reduction by prioritizing the work of financial controllers.


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