The importance of transforming into a digital business to compete effectively has forced many organizations to become data-driven, but research shows that many enterprises are still using data and analytics at a tactical rather than a strategic level. When an organization is being tactical, it cannot undergo a digital transformation and produce innovation – and in today's constantly changing global marketplace, success cannot come without innovation.

Emerging market dynamics and new offerings from external services providers could be the solution to moving from a tactical to a strategic approach. 

Gartner reports in the "2019 Market Guide for Data & Analytics Services Providers" that some services providers are starting to offer more thought-leading, innovative ideas and engagement models, industry and process expertise, and integrated platform solutions. These providers, that we describe as having "Innovation in their DNA" are in a better position to enable an organization's data and analytics strategy. 

Take your insights to the next level. 




How do you recognize a firm with "Innovation in its DNA?"

We believe that the services provider should have the following requirements in its portfolio: 

• The latest technologies and market practices such as Augmented Intelligence, Machine Learning, Mixed Reality, Edge Analytics, etc. to help take projects to the next level with cutting edge tools. 

Servware, which is defined as services converged with software in the form of customizable assets containing business domain content and analytics expertise to address a specific business process or market vertical. An example of Servware is the Eagle Pharma CRM® solution. 

• Asset-based consulting via domain-specific solutions or integrated platforms composed of its own packaged applications, repeatable methods and reusable analytic frameworks. 

AI-related consulting and SI services. These are strategy, design and implementation services to leverage AI.

• A deep industry or domain expertise that is used to deliver strategic services and business insights. 

To learn more about bringing innovative components and enabling your data and analytics strategy through an external services provider, read the "2019 Market Guide for Data & Analytics Services Providers."