The impact Advanced Analytics will have on a company depends on which layers of analytics it has.

Let's look at the four layers of analytics and their definitions to determine which layers are inside your company. 


Descriptive Analytics

  • Reactive reporting.

  • Focus on data, precision, and consistency.


Analytics Diagnosis

  • Proactive reporting for decision-making.

  • Trend analysis and market benchmark.

  • Customizable.

  • Self-Service dashboards.


Predictive Analytics

  • The solution to business problems from a statistical point of view.

  • Identification of actionable solutions.

  • Integrated data.

  • Development of predictive models.

  • Scenario planning.

  • Data governance.


Prescriptive Analytics

  • Fully automated solutions throughout the life cycle.

  • Complete integration with all the areas involved: Business, Technology, etc.

  • MLOps scheme for development, maintenance, and monitoring of analytical solutions


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