Organizations do not achieve Business Insights because they don't have enough business analysts, they lack a data culture, and Advanced Analytics tools are challenging to use.

Many businesses remain focused on margins, return on investment, and market share, but it seems that they're putting aside something that is equally as important: Data Analytics.

Why are data analytics equally as important?

- Organizations that are proficient with data perform better. They’re able to easily uncover gaps and make continual improvements. 

- They are more profitable because they can effectively use data to predict outcomes, uncover new competitive advantages, and improve innovation. 

- They are operationally more predictable. The insights from the data fuel the current and future processes and decisions.

You're one step closer to enabling a data-driven organization.

Where can you start on your journey to become data-driven?

One of the main requirements is a Data Analyst. According to the New York Times, this profession is the “sexiest” job of the 21st century because it is in high demand. It’s estimated that there were almost 200,000 unfilled Data Analyst positions in 2018.

These profiles are critical because they have the ability to interpret the avalanche of data that organizations have invested so much time and money to collect. In addition, they have the skills to combine data and analysis to understand why something has happened, and they can determine what the next actions should be to improve in the future. 

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