Now more than ever, businesses need the right tools and partners to enable them to grow while also remaining lean. Is your organization’s data strategy up to the task?
Nov 17, 2022

While 2023 is projected to see a 4.8% increase in global retail sales growth, inflation and unemployment rates will continue to rise into the new year. Can you leverage your data to do more with less in the face of environmental challenges? Let’s take a closer look at some data-centric use-cases your organization may be able to benefit from in both the short and long term. 

Retail Price Optimization: Prescriptive & Predictive Modeling 

2023 is projected to bring in $30.3 trillion in retail sales worldwide. Is your business’s pricing strategy optimized to take advantage of this projected spending? Retail price optimization can help you determine how your customers will respond to price fluctuations for your products and/or services. It can also help you see how your customers interact with your products/services through different sales channels. Our experts can work with your business to create predictive and prescriptive models to optimize your pricing strategy.

Supply and Demand Forecasting: Data-Driven Business Insights 

One way you can better prepare your business for the anticipated increase in sales volume is through supply and demand forecasting. After all, your sales forecast is only as good as your data! With technologies that leverage AI/ML, you can identify benchmarks, patterns, and cause-and-effect relationships in your sales and supply chain activity to accurately forecast demand and performance and make adjustments to inventory, marketing campaigns and sales promotions in near real-time. 

Omnichannel Sales: Real-Time Analytics 

Whether your customers are shopping from their phones, laptops, tablets, in-store, or a combination of these mediums, an omnichannel shopping experience is the expectation of the modern shopper. Your business can expect to collect a large volume  of data on customer behavior, preferences, attitudes, and values from a variety of different data sources, both internal and external;. Is your organization equipped to process, manage, and understand this complex ecosystem of data in real-time? We can help your team easily access real-time analytics from your omnichannel sales through a variety of modern approaches and technologies.  

We can help your retail business thrive with robust data and analytics solutions leveraging our leading technology partners. Contact us today at to learn how we can help you make the most of your data.

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