Integrated Sales & market Dashboard for Consumer Products

Since the first times of SDG in Spain 1998, our team have developed, evolved and improved strong skills and knowledge on Consumer Products Industry, very important market for the Spanish Business Country.

The fact that we have reach the goal, “Creating a Standard and Integrated Sales and Market Dashboard delivered in some of our clients as a solution”, is the proof that all he efforts and hard investment in this area has crystalized in something good for the industry and for our clients.

When some of our clients approaches an improving initiative in this arena, using a solution like Eagle, presents some high impact benefits like following:

  • Global perspective, automated integration of all relevant sources (sell-out from retailers,
    market data and internal sales. Improving decision making by improving wideness of analysis.
  • This integrated perspective, specially sell-out, allows agilizing and shortening timings in
    decision making.
  • Reduction risk of typical system-integration implementation
  • Real orientation to decision making improvement
  • Timing to deployment between 2 and 4 months

The Eagle approach is becoming very attractive for the sales organization in our clients and is winning quickly a good number of adopters.

The industry is recognizing the value added from our solution.

I want to point out some nice news, (1) Eagle has been introduced very positively in the Gartner Submit 2012 causing good impression in BI gurus like Neil Chandler y Alex Soejarto, and (2) recently Qlikview has certified our solution in the Qlikmarket and recognizes SDG as Worldwide Expert in Consumer Products.