Every single player into a company business (managers, employees, customers, partner) needs to make ‘right decisions’ to grow in the same direction. It means that all the people, starting from executives to front-line workers, needs different BI support that can be delivered only by an “Aligned Business Intelligence” (ABI Intelligence).

Visionary companies have understood that the ABI Intelligence is the key to move forward, following the speed of the business with the support of a ‘pervasive BI’ through the overall organization.

In order to build a comprehensive ABI Intelligence system, it is crucial to get a clear vision of Enterprise DWH Status Quo in terms of Architecture and Processes. 
A good DataWareHouse Architecture and Data Model are fundamental to achieve great and robust results and the identification of Active Business Opportunities and Quick WINs is one of the best approach to reach highest ROI in short time.

“Starting small is better”: having short measurable projects with risk mitigation is also a way to become familiar with the ‘new intelligence’ and to see immediate benefits. It is important to stay focused on the 4R paradigm: having ‘Right data’ in the ‘Right time’ in the ‘Right way’ with the ‘Right Data Quality’. And of course Data Quality is not an option it’s a MUST: with poor Data Quality you can have right incremental data, right structure, etc. but the information will be not usable and affordable.