How Novartis Drives Faster Insights Using Snowflake

Life Sciences companies are facing unprecedented challenges in today’s complex healthcare environment. 

With decreased access to healthcare providers and patients, a push for outcome-based medicines, and increasing expectations of highly personalized experiences and online interactions, companies are forced to change.

Novartis responded by unleashing the power of their people, going big on data and digital, and delivering transformative innovation.  Novartis is now leading in the industry in its use of data and analytics to inform decisions and processes. 

Learn how Novartis delivers traditional and machine-driven insights to business users across home-office, field sales, digital engagement, and patient services with leading cloud-based data and analytics technologies like Snowflake and Dataiku. 

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Realizing Digital Transformation

There is a correlation between the Novartis story of success and how companies will realize digital transformations. New technologies and infrastructures support the digital transformation of processes and business, and in turn, require a transformation in data and analytics. It's a transversal element that ensures technological advances enable business progress. The potential of the data produced by this digitization is demanding and driving companies to adopt new technologies, and a Cloud-first strategy to extract value from it in an agile, secure, reliable, and scalable way. 

This Cloud-first strategy allows teams to dedicate themselves to extracting value from data instead of focusing on the management of infrastructures and take advantage of its many benefits such as accelerated deployments and analytics, centralized data, data sharing, and collaboration, to name a few. 

In addition to the Novartis success case, you can gain a deeper understanding of the Cloud and get more industry use cases by exploring the 2021 Data & Analytics Trends for Life Sciences.


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