A Representative Vendor

2019 Market Guide for Data and Analytics Service Providers

SDG Group Among the Data & Analytics Representative Leaders according to Gartner

Gartner’s report highlights the recommendation for "boutique" service providers

"External support can accelerate the success of data and analytics programs, and new delivery models and modern technologies are disrupting the services market".

This is how Gartner, the leading research and advisory company, introduces the "Market Guide for Data and Analytics Service Providers 2019". The report has analyzed a total of 37 external service providers (ESP) with a proven track record of delivering successful analytics programs, including SDG Group as one of the Representative Vendors in Data & Analytics consulting firms (second largest by size in the EMEA region based on the number of employees, according to the data in the report).

About the Representative Vendor list, from the market guide: "This section provides a representative list of some of the most visible data and analytics ESPs as determined by Gartner. Selection was based on the players' market visibility, as well as mind share among Gartner clients and analysts, including client inquiries and research, presence at industry events, and participation in a recent Gartner analyst briefing".

"This recognition makes us proud and confirms our position as a leading global data and analytics service provider focused on delivering tangible business value to our clients - says Luca Quagini, CEO of SDG Group. “A combination of tech solutions and a business consulting approach is key to the success of enterprise analytics programs: we invested significantly in these areas and we will keep moving forward in this direction"


Analytics Boutique

We believe, one of the key findings of the research is that not all providers have solid capabilities in all areas. "The research is suitable for clients looking for best-of breed providers for a specific function, domain, application, industry, geography or technology", affirms the report. Global providers have the resources to scale up their services, but "boutiques" are preferable when clients have specific challenges and requirements. Keeping the focus for developing and implementing effective data-driven solutions has naturally turned us into a boutique in Data & Analytics.


The trust of a “all in one” provider

Gartner recommends: “Consider working with multiple service providers, each of which provides specific capabilities, rather than a single provider for all data and analytics initiatives”. Thanks to the expertise gained after 25 years in the analytics sector, we have a high specialization - end-to-end model - for each challenge in management analytics, technology and business strategy. In this way, we cover with solvency the client's needs of working with multiple external services providers.


Innovation as part of our DNA

Gartner points out that "Demand for data and analytics solutions to incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will continue to grow. However, the largest need is still for data and analytics core capabilities, while strategic services and industry expertise remain top evaluation criteria."

As part of our DNA, our value proposition focuses on innovation and cutting edge initiatives that allow us to help our clients face the constant market changes, with the latest technologies and market practices. We believe the key findings of Gartner's report confirm our positioning towards were we want to go with our Vision and Mission, which both aim towards bringing the highest value for our clients in all the projects we pursue.