Discover the Potential of AI-Driven Solutions

& The Transformative Impact on Business
COVID-19 highlighted the need to digitize and accelerate the Life Sciences and Healthcare sector's transformation to improve and speed up the development of new medicines and clinical trials, provide patient care remotely, and more.

Digital health is now at the top of everyone's minds. It is a strategic objective for any company in the Life Sciences & Healthcare sector because it offers key benefits, such as cost savings, increased profitability, and above all, improved patient care and experience.       

Looking at COVID-19 through Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been critical in developing digital health solutions that help physicians and healthcare professionals tackle the great challenge COVID-19 introduced in the patient relationship - distance. This challenge highlighted the need for solutions to monitor and analyze patients at risk or in isolation remotely and in real-time.

AI capabilities are utilized to respond to this challenge because of the innovative and fast ways they collect and analyze data to enhance and automate decision-making. AI capabilities, such as facial recognition as an example, have made it possible to gather data from people and examine it from a distance. 

DocDot: A Remote Diagnosis Application

At SDG Group, we applied AI to address COVID-19 and developed DocDot, a revolutionary remote diagnostic application recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Forbes. DocDot uses facial recognition through a mobile device to detect a patient's vital signs in order to diagnose COVID-19 and other conditions. The technology helps medical professionals limit the amount of in-person visits. The data DocDot collects is used to create an up-to-date map of COVID-19 cases and hotspots.


The Life Sciences Industry in the Age of AI

DocDot is just one of many examples of Artificial Intelligence and its transformative potential. In our eBook, Advanced Analytics: from AI to Z, we provide use cases for Life Sciences as well as other industries with synergies that can bring innovation to the sector. We invite you to fill out the download form to start exploring these use cases. Plus, discover the foundations of AI capabilities and the value they add to business. 


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