Analytics services and software are combining into solutions to create a new, disruptive trend: Servware: Domain Solutions as a Service. Servware is a trend that is just starting to take off, but it's quickly becoming a "must have" in every organization.
May 24, 2019

You might be wondering what Servware is, so let's start with a quick definition. Servware turns the specialized expertise and experience of vendors and solution providers into pre-built, self-service applications that users can easily access through a subscription. Gartner reports that it will no longer be the norm for data and analytics leaders to license applications from software vendors and hire service providers to implement and craft custom-built solutions. The shift to cloud and subscription pricing on the software side is accelerating this practice.

Servware also supports the demand for analytics to be woven into the operational fabric of the business. This makes data more available to end users, leading to increased data democratization and opportunity for businesses to monetize domain analytics expertise and insights.

To address the need for Servware, we developed a ready-made Qlik Sense® application, Eagle Pharma CRM®. Our solution takes an individual user's Veeva CRM data and visualizes key performance indicators and insights into an interactive ready-to-go dashboard for Pharmaceutical sales professionals.

Take your insights on Servware to the next level and experience it in action.

Servware will continue to pace and create disruption in the industry. Data and analytics leaders need to embrace this change in typical vendor practices and leverage joined solutions to grow self-service analytics to a wide range of users.

The key to success with disruption in the industry is to understand and experiment with trends before they become mainstream, allowing you to create new business opportunities and improve competitiveness. Servware isn't the only trend that we are seeing this year. We've identified 9 Data and Analytics Trends for 2019. 

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