We are in a constant evolution, so time-over-time companies face the need to update their core solutions, strategies, and the way they interact with the different stakeholders. This evolution is natural but in the past few years this speeds up with the new emerging technologies, the urge of the digitalization, and the complexity of our markets.
Nov 26, 2018

In the Pharma & Healthcare industry we face the same scenario, but with extra layers of complexity. The changes in healthcare policies and reimbursements to healthcare providers are having a big impact on how the products, services, and solutions are being purchased. With all these fast-changes, Sales teams must constantly adapt in order to stay in the game. Below are some Best Practices to help your Sales Team achieve success:


Strategic Account Management Discipline

In order to align with the Market needs, sales teams must focus their efforts in truly understanding the Healthcare Providers critical medical practice issues and explore how to bring solutions and products that can help them solve and improve their practice.

Healthcare organizations expect Sales Reps to provide information that will help them solve critical business and/or practice issues. You may not have all the knowledge, but you must be able to provide a way to get there.


Solution-Centric Sales Strategy

Start to center everything in the solution you sell. This will require you to increase collaboration with other departments in your company and with your clients. During this process, your sales team will develop new skills in terms of Discovery and Solution Development. You will also have a holistic knowledge of the healthcare provider’s (HCP’s) practice and patient population and add value to your sales approach.


Learn how to Speak Clinical and Business Language

Look for more references related to Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM), this will give you more credibility by providing reliable medicine case studies. It will add more value by being able to use your own data (KPIs and Metrics) related to your product/solutions. Your current and potential clients will be more engaged once they realize their pairs (in terms of therapeutic areas, specialties, and region) also trust and work with you. Give them an overview of their own purchase history and savings with your solution.