The past year showed us how critical real-time information is in solving major societal challenges.
Data & Analytics are essential to weathering the storm during periods of disruption and uncertainty and equally important for recovering and leading in the "Next Normal" that will follow.

From Science Fiction to Data Science

Literature and cinema have always found a great interest in Artificial Intelligence. It has been a source of inspiration for hundreds of stories and tales about a world that previously seemed like science fiction to us. However, it is becoming more and more real now. Marvin Lee Minsky, considered one of the fathers of Artificial Intelligence, had a vision; he was convinced that AI would save humanity.

Algorithms and Types of Machine Learning

Advanced Analytics is a comprehensive set of analytical techniques and methods - Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Continuous Intelligence that translate into different algorithms that learn to solve problems. The problems correspond to a company's strategic and operational objectives and its industry challenges or demands.

The main challenges in the adoption of Advanced Analytics solutions

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities are still developing, and it is important to understand their limitations and requirements. The adoption time can be fast, but it depends on resources, quality of the data, how it will be used, the nature of each business, and its technology infrastructure.

Who's Who in Advanced Analytics?

In most companies, there isn't a Data Science platform for creating experiments that follows a methodology and ensures quality, uniformity, governance, parameterization, etc.

Purposeless Trends Tend to Fall Flat

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and other Advanced Analytics technologies and methodologies can solve many business needs, but it is not always the optimal path. If there isn't a clear purpose and Advanced Analytics is only applied because it is a trend, it will be costly for the business.