2021 Given Trends

The Data & Analytics Trends that are a must, and require action now.


In the year 2020, we faced major disruption and saw how critical Data & Analytics are to adapting to changes. Now, we must implement what we learned, and redefine our priorities to be in the best position to succeed in the "Next Normal." 

The Given Trends are part of the 2021 Data & Analytics Trends that are a necessity and need to be included in your company's strategy now. 

Download the SDG Insight Pills on the Given Trends to discover the immediate actions to take. 

  1. Nothing but The Cloud for Lightning-Fast Analytics 
  2. The Three Knights of Data Management: DataOps, Metadata & Data Governance Powered by AI 
  3. End-to-End Advanced Analytics: The Key to Unlocking Business Insights 
  4. Data Ethics in the Spotlight: A Foundation for Responsible AI 


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