We applied to the SAP Best Performance Challenge 2012, describing how SDG has performed the most recent changes in the market and renewed its proposition to meet two major challenges : specialization and socializing

Listen to the recording (in italian) In a context of crisis and fast changing, SDG still confirms the analysis of performance as one of the best practices. However, being an expert in planning and control models doesn't guarantee successful solutions. 
These are now minimum requirements: you need to become a specialist in industry, scale models in the market and identify which analytics kpi are specific and relevant for the industry. SDG accepted this challenge and reorganized its skills, value proposition and proposals for core services, to meet the requirements of an"industry based" model.

This model fulfils the market demand for models marked by a specific know how. Another challenge is socializing
Social networks revolutionized not only our lives as individuals, but also the way of making business and, directly or indirectly, are able to change a company's performance. Understanding and relating to what is happening is becoming one of the key analysis on which to build success for future actions. SDG uses a socializing model that gains and analyses  information and then connects this information to company performance. Specialization by industry and expertise on social media came into SDG through a renewal of corporate strategy and value proposition.

Corporate communication catches the central role of social media, spreading information with our audience and on the new website, even through numerous blogs, updated by our consultants, and SDG accounts on several social networks, from Linkedin to Twitter, from Google+ to Youtube.
The nomination for Best Performance Challenge is a way to highlight the new solutions, to share them with our partners making them grow, even through the test of competition with other companies.  

Apr 03, 2012