Europe Retail & Wholesale Planning

Champion Europe (based in Carpi near Modena) has a mission since 1919 di to be one Brand leader in the Sports Apparel Industry. Champion wants to share Sports values with athletes from all over the world, well-known professionals or unknown amateurs. 

Headquartered in Italy, Champion Europe is a leader in the design, marketing, sales and distribution of Sportswear, uniforms training stuff for the team, footwear and accessories in 60 Countries in EMEA.


  • Create an integrated planning control model for retail channel.
  • Evaluate commercial target on a short-medium term.
  • Support buying process to adjust OpenToBuy metric.
  • Support creation of “blind” purchase order and balance purchase versus sales order.


  • Retail – Stock Movement Plan: support Merchandise Control function to forecast stock movement regarding quantity, retail value, and gross margin.
  • Retail – Conceptual Assortment Plan(CAP): support Merchandise Control and Buyer function to plan purchase metrics assessing brand performance, stores’ perimeter and assortment metrics KPIs.
  • Retail – Distribution Plan: support Merchandise Control and Buyer function to define first allocation metrics based on CAP guidelines and stores’ cluster analysis given the style-color-grid size habilitation.
  • Wholesale – Blind & Balance Process: support Merchandise Control and Sourcing function to forecast sales through performance to manage the sourcing process towards versus suppliers’ structure.

Adoption of a “structured” operational planning process balancing business requirements (such as flexibility and ease to use) with the commercial calendar phases (overlapping activities).