Connecting your employees to data and insight has never been more important as organisations navigate these exceptional market conditions and the “new normal” that is to follow. With a distributed workforce this can be a real challenge. In addition to this, there are increasing requirements to share data and insights with clients and partners.

The problem is that making substantial changes to data architectures to consolidate and provide useful insight have traditionally been a lengthy and complicated process.

This recorded webinar presents an overview of tried and tested, highly scalable, cloud-based reference architecture – highlighting “best of breed” technologies such as Matillion for ETL/ELT and Snowflake and Tableau as a Cloud Data Platform enabling the Data Cloud.  We will demonstrate the ease of consolidating and presenting data and insight derived from both internal and external systems. 

Our approach has been shown to be capable of starting to deliver real business value in under four weeks. The technologies that will be introduced are regularly relied upon by many of the world’s largest enterprises, as well as many smaller companies. Furthermore, the architecture presented does not require the large capital investment of a traditional approach.


  • How SDG Group, Matillion, Snowflake and Tableau can help you to make your organisation data-driven and how you can benefit from these technologies
  • How you can easily analyse, leverage and manage your data in one single platform
  • Improve and speed up your organisations decision-making