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SDG & Matillion present: Your pathway to delivering lightning-fast value and insights in the ‘Data Cloud’

Connecting your employees to data and insight has never been more important as organisations navigate these exceptional market conditions and the “new normal” that is to follow. With a distributed workforce this can be a real challenge. In addition to this, there are increasing requirements to share data and insights with clients and partners.

The problem is that making substantial changes to data architectures to consolidate and provide useful insight have traditionally been a lengthy and complicated process.

Advanced Analytics in Retail – It’s Execution that Counts

Advanced analytics (i.e. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) is one of those areas that retailers know that they can’t ignore. Some are on their second or third generation of deployment, others are still getting to grips with their first and yet more are wondering where and how to start.

An Introduction to Master Data Management (MDM)

Of all the components of a modern data architecture, Master Data Management (MDM) is probably the one shrouded in the most mysticism. As I hope this post will show, the concepts behind MDM are not really that complicated but the art is in its application.

The Case for Data Virtualization

So far, I have assumed that it is practical or permissible to extract data from source systems and to load it into a centralised data warehouse. What, however, if this is not the case? Even if it is, it can take many months to incorporate a new data source into a data warehouse.

It’s Good to Share

A data-driven organisation seeks to collect data across all of its activities in order to make better-informed decisions.