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Streamlining Financial Consolidation Without Sacrificing Simplicity

Financial consolidation often brings to mind the mechanical task of importing and crunching numbers from General Ledger (G/L) systems for external reporting. Yet, the discerning business recognizes that financial consolidation tools are indispensable for enhancing performance management and strategic decision-making.

From Real World Data to Real World Evidence

Applying AI/ML techniques to accelerate the acquisition and integration of structured and unstructured data, ultimately generating deeper, more relevant insights in a compliant framework.

Data-readiness in Pharma & Healthcare Industry

It's a fact that Big Data trends shift rapidly. According to an International Data Corporation (IDC) report that evaluates global data readiness by sector, the most revealing impact is that Healthcare is primed to become the fastest growing sector in terms of Big Data volume.

SDG & Matillion present: Your pathway to delivering lightning-fast value and insights in the ‘Data Cloud’

Connecting your employees to data and insight has never been more important as organisations navigate these exceptional market conditions and the “new normal” that is to follow. With a distributed workforce this can be a real challenge. In addition to this, there are increasing requirements to share data and insights with clients and partners.

The problem is that making substantial changes to data architectures to consolidate and provide useful insight have traditionally been a lengthy and complicated process.

Advanced Analytics in Retail – It’s Execution that Counts

Advanced analytics (i.e. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) is one of those areas that retailers know that they can’t ignore. Some are on their second or third generation of deployment, others are still getting to grips with their first and yet more are wondering where and how to start.