Process Mining uses AI and machine learning to extract existing data from an organization’s IT systems to visually reconstruct how processes actually perform. It creates full transparency and enables you to drive efficiency, quality and productivity across your entire organization and thereby empower you to take the actions you need for optimization. Works for any industry, any company, any process.

Consider every step performed by everyone involved in a process. If you think of those steps as “digital footprints” stored by your operational systems, then process mining captures the footprints from all your systems, pulls them together (a resource known as an event log) and organizes them visually to show each step of the journey to complete your process. In that way, process mining identifies areas for process improvement–sometimes in places you might not even think to look. It then helps you take the right steps toward improvements that will transform how your business operates.

  • Mapping Process & Activities: map inbound business process;

  • Measuring Performances: find activities and trace performances;

  • Insight: enabling Process improvement to achieve competitive advantages, adopt best practices, comply with standards, conformance checking, optimize performances, cost and resources;