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SDG also benefits from its close relations with the most renowned, forward thinking Academy and Business Communities, enabling a constant exchange of ideas and a privileged and market-independent access on innovation and research in Performance Management, Controlling and Social Intelligence topics.

CUOA Masters


Fondazione CUOA has been cultivating the success of men and women for 50 years: CUOA Masters have the quality to accelerate your success.

CUOA Masters offer a unique opportunity:

  • to invest in yourself, choosing quality;
  • to learn a new way of doing business through the use of innovative tools and new management techniques;
  • to live the business with the company projects;
  • to interact with lecturers, consultants and developers from all over the academic world, professions, businesses and large organisations;
  • to set up solid and authentic relationships with Master colleagues following the same objectives;
  • to enter an extended and lasting network with lecturers, consultants and companies.

Our Masters are designed following a competency based methodology for the development of not just technical-specialist competences, but also managerial and creative, relational and analytical reasoning, whose validity has been recognised and awarded at an international level.

Numerous scholarships, offered by companies and institutions, are available for participation in the full-time masters. In addition, discounts and facilitated loans are also available for both the full- and part-time masters.

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