Over the years, Luxottica has achieved world leadership in the optical industry through vertical integration model of wholesale and retail in one area, a brand portfolio among the strongest and most balanced in the industry, high quality, constantly improving, product quality, efficiency and flexibility of the production structure, able to respond quickly to market changes.

The adoption of the vertical integration model between design, production, distribution, wholesale and retail has allowed Luxottica Group to become the world leader in its field, and the producer of glasses with the lowest production costs.


    • Optimize the level of each part of the Supply Chain
    • Integrate processes in order to develop excellence in terms of the intercompany processes
    • Identify an appropriate system for monitoring critical success factors that can simplify the definition of objectives
    • Improve the entire process of performance monitoring


    • Processes analysis and improvement to achieve the best performance
    • Action on the Management and Datawarehouse systems, to make the information available with the frequency, timeliness and detail required.
    • Design of a complete Operation Performance Management (OPM) model


    • Uniqueness of information and rules sharing as key elements to successfully implement the system of individual targets
    • Broader perspective than the Supply Chain processes and deeper than the Group’s analytical skills.
    • Each business area adds value to the supply chain thanks to the management lever it controls
    • Effective management of the Performance Measurement system