Highlighting the power of data to provide meaningful insights

The ability to use state-of-the-art predictive, inferential and discovery-oriented analytics, highlighting the power of data and support practical solutions by providing meaningful insights: SDG data scientists, relying on solid statistical and simulation background, develop applications directly connected and “operazionalizable” to the business needs.

The data-driven approach, empowered with the ability to understand and support the business analytics that is part of our DNA, lies at the core of our value proposition: solve complex problems asking for a data-driven approach; Provide clear-cut and effective data representations; Create the conditions to enhance the understanding of the business processes. This approach forms a virtuous loop evolving in keeping with the changes required to sustain the business processes and the decision-making in critical situations.

Real Time Analytics doesn’t have the same meaning of Real Time Integration: companies are often asking why they should have a Real Time Analytics front end if they have already adopted some Change Data Capture (CDC) components. The role CDC plays is to integrate data when they are changed, but traditionally the CDC technology doesn’t have rich transformation libraries, so without a Real Time Analytics front end, Infrastructures have to ingest data and then analyze them, resulting in the storage of a big amount of data without any business use. Real-time Analytics are solutions that would allow companies to analyze data before storing them, allowing to store only useful data.