Providing a more scalable and robustly architected environment

While companies are struggling with the implementation of Big Data Architecture, all software vendors are bombarding the CIO with Cloud, Cloud and Cloud. CIO still haven’t found enough Business Cases and Business Values in implementing Predictive Models and they are facing a new question on the Cloud.

Data warehouses are storage architectures designed to hold data extracted from transaction systems, operational data stores and other external sources, combining information in an aggregate form suitable for enterprise-wide analysis, in order to respond to predefined business needs. They enable businesses to be more data-driven quickly evolving to meet the demands of new trends and technologies, from Artificial Intelligence to Internet of Things, from mobile to social media.

SDG Augmented Business Architecture (ABA) has been designed to highlight the benefits obtained by implementing the most innovative digital platforms and enables our customers to gain the expected benefit. Our models help companies better manage their data and handle their growth in variety, volume, integrity and velocity, providing a more powerful, scalable and robustly architected environment.