When we talk about HR Analytics we refer to the application of techniques and statistics from the data generated by Human Resources departments and organizations to explore concepts and ideas that allow organization problem solving associated with talent management. HR analytics enables better decision making, as it allows the organization to understand aspects associated with its people, work processespolicies, and results.


Why is HR Analytics important?

Analyzing HR data allows management and HR teams to understand more about the organization and the people who shape it, how they are performing and how they are creating value for the company. It allows the best decision making to the professionals of the area, as well as General Management while giving HR the possibility to demonstrate the impact of management, processes, and policies on the overall performance of the organization. Business leaders have a growing interest in how to use HR concepts more efficiently, so HR Analytics has become a key tool for improving an organization’s performance.


What is the key to a successful HR analytics strategy?

HR managers who develop data analysis must align their results to HR and the company´s strategy. Connecting Human Resource data to strategic business objectives can help HR managers demonstrate the return on investment (ROI) for the Human resources area itself. The type of data that can be used will depend on the strategy and type of the organization.

For example, a centralized sales organization will be more oriented to the collection of data as sales per employee, to differentiate between them and to pay them properly.

An HR Analytics strategy should have 3 central goals:

  •  Connect HR data to business strategy to demonstrate an aspect of the organization that leaders should know in order to enable better decision making. 
  • Allow HR managers to design and implement activities for a more efficient and effective talent management strategy. 
  • Allow organizations and managers to measure the effectiveness of HR results, compared to objectives.



SDG Group combines many years of expertise with new analytical capabilities and as a response to the great needs found in HR Departments for major companies, has developed the SDG Eagle HR Solution. An analytical, multi-technology solution that helps in the decision-making process, covering multiple aspects and allowing a 360-degree talent view and HR activity, while at the same time serves as a business accelerator that covers a large part of the initial needs.

Companies currently using SDG Eagle HR have been able to demonstrate ROI in HR departments, improving the productivity of their employees, reducing absenteeism and increasing training capabilities that have resulted in more qualified professionals.


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