Latest surveys undertaken on Italian companies in the Consumer Industry highlight the situation of widespread instability and uncertaintyabout the next years, a situation that is reflected in the forecast data that companies are finalizing.

At the same time, is revealed as missing a renewal model of forecasting processes, which follow traditional patterns, not in line with the current economic situation. The new elements that are substantially changing the relationship between companies and consumers - as the introduction of social network, the establishment of community of consumers and a direct relationship with the customer - aren't yet part of theanalytical systemwith full rights and aren't managed in proactive mode.

The paradox of Demand Forecasting seems to lie right in search of new trends with traditional models. Certainly the role of retailers - that introduce a direct relationship with the customer - does not increase on holdings their trust in the new digital channels, but it is essential to begin a process of renewal also based on the experiences of companies in other countries that predicted trends and patterns in strategic sectors of the made ​​in Italy.

An example for all in the wine industry, where our companies are unchallenged leaders: the case of Gallo, the largest winemaker in California, is quoted by all the specialist sources as a successful project, in which the activity of customer profiling was conducted with clustering and data mining methods that take advantage of information gathered during events, tastings and from social networks. 
By this solution, Gallo is able to direct the development of products to clusters of consumers, maximizing the investment and the supply chain in a moment in which it isessential to identify the real needs - especially of clusters that go against the negative trend.

More practices are also developing in our clients in Italy and we will share in the next.