Industrial & Consumer Products

Industrial and Consumer Products companies operate in a competitive context, in which prices, innovation and high visibility are the main variables.
The complexity is mirrored by different dynamics of change, such as the contraction of demand on the local markets which requires a new impulse towards a more global approach, a strong competition with retailers and private labels promotions, price lists fluctuation and the need to establish a direct contact with consumers through social media.
The ability to predict market future trends is mandatory in order to offer right products at the right price, taking advantage of consumers feedbacks offered also by new digital connections, optimizing product assortment and improving customer-oriented supply chain.

SDG offers opportunities to make full use of Performance Management and Business Analytics solutions to develop the next Competitive Intelligence framework, taking the most out of industry-specific insights as well as Big Data & Analytics practices, with a focus on Forecasting, Price Optimization, Mix Optimization, Next-Best Action.

We see different and specific challenges in every new project, but the goal is the same: providing the Business with Innovative CPM and Advanced BI frameworks, capable of producing meaningful outcomes.


  • Price: multidimensional profitability as a primary target
  • Products: invest in new ideas but avoid cannibalization
  • Customers: understand needs to offer dreams, use promotions but focus on the baseline
  • Trend: manage local market decrease, go for globalization
  • Efficiency: from standard costing to target costing (variance analysis)
  • Flexibility: customization and variety, service level and speed
  • Innovation: digital revolution as an opportunity (new media & social networks)

Best Practices

  • Sales: Sales Analytics & Reporting, Sales Budgeting & Forecasting, Salesforce Targeting
  • Targeting: Customer & Product Profitability
  • Marketing: Promotional Analysis & Simulation, Brand Monitoring, Reputation & Sentiment Intelligence
  • Supply Chain & Logistics: Supply Chain Optimization, Logistics Accounting, Product Assortment
  • Operations: Sales & Operative Planning, Predictive Analytics, Demand Planning
  • Finance: Profit & Loss Planning, Financial Planning, Cost Accounting, Management Reporting