Along its success path, SDG Group never lost its focus on attracting and retaining talented consultants; more than 300 professionals are currently employed at our business locations and are providing Management Intelligence services to more than 350 worldwide customers in multiple industries.



Europe, Middle East, Africa and America: Milan, Verona, Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Hamburg, Munich, Paris, London, York, Alger, Cairo, Lima, Bogotà.






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With many years of experience in the BI market, SDG has developed a proprietary ADAPT-CASE methodology which has been used by all SDG professionals worldwide.


Analysis | Mapping of data intensive processes, business model analysis and assessment of business users’ process needs.
Diagnosis | Identifying and prioritizing processes and critical issues with highest value to the business, designing of “multidimensional” data model to improve decision-making.
Apply | Project management and design of analytical applications and KPI dashboards.
Piloting | On-site support for all business users across all managerial levels.
Tutoring | Coaching and educating of Knowledge Workers involved in using new Management Intelligence environments.


Capturing | Data source integration, data cleansing and data quality assessment.
Adding | Management Intelligence application development, reporting, forecast and simulation.
Sharing | Workflow assessment and implementation, user profiling definition and segmentation into roles and “circles”.
Educating | Transfer of specific MI skills and technical expertise either to business users to enable them to run their own analytics or the system administrator to perform technical tasks.