A leading company in the space propulsion, Avio originates from the historical BPD - Difesa e Spazio based in Colleferro, Rome, Italy. The expertise and know-how acquired in over 100 years currently allow Avio to compete with the top players in the segment of solid, liquid and cryogenic space propulsion. 

Today, Avio plays a strategic role in the global space industry through Ariane 5, a programme involving the largest satellite launcher in Europe.

Since 2000, through the subsidiary ELV (70 percent owned by Avio and 30 percent by Agenzia Spaziale Italiana), Avio is the prime contractor and systems integrator of Vega, a light launcher of satellites up to 1,500kg whose qualification launch took place successfully in February 2012 and the first commercial flight in May 2013.