Matteo Rossetti



Matteo Rossetti is Head of Visual & Search Analytics. His role is focused on innovative solutions for Data Visualization, Search, Big Data, Social Analytics and Mobile BI.He joined SDG in 1996 just after foundation and he's a Partner and member of SDG Counsulting Italy Board of Directors. 

Mr. Rossetti has almost 20 years of experience in Management Consulting, Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management practices. Over time, he has been assigned to large and global accounts covering the full spectrum of analytical applications and solutions across many industries.

Prior to assuming his current role, Matteo acted in SDG as Country Manager for USA (2004-2008), as executive manager supporting SDG Group operations in Germany, France, UK and Spain (2001-2004), and previously as Office Manager in Milan (1999-2001). Matteo holds a degree in Engineering from Politecnico di MIlano in Italy.  .