Banca Popolare di Milano

Banca Popolare di Milano is a cooperative bank based in Milan and is the Parent Company of the BPM Group. Founded in 1865 to facilitate access to credit for merchants, small businessmen and industrialists, BPM has grown over time to become one of the major cooperative Italian banks, a reference point for households and companies. 

BPM has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since 1994 and has 114 thousand shareholders, about half of whom have registered as members. 

With 7,700 employees, a widespread distribution structure throughout Italy made up of over 700 points of sale, the BPM Group serves more than 1,400,000 customers. 

Thanks to its banking networks, product companies and partnership with other companies, the Group is able to offer customers high quality services ranging from asset management to insurance, as well as financial assistance to individuals and businesses.