Mobilegeddon is here

Mobilegeddon is here


Many insiders have known it for a long time. But what about everyone else?

I’m already thinking about the long list of phone numbers of all the customers that need to be alerted and prepared to the change. Others instead, confident of having done a good job, were certain that no countermeasures would be necessary. And surely there must be someone that, even without knowing what was going to happen, prepared for the big event by buying new, heavily tinted, sunglasses

What happened, isn’t catastrophic climate change but it’s still an event so important that it needs to make us reflect upon how the times have changed. Aware that more and more users use their smartphones to surf the internet, Google has updated its search algorithm to give more visibility to websites that are optimised for mobile devices.

No Ice Age, then, but it still brings some serious consequences for your business: It is possible that your website, developed before smartphones had become this pervasive in our everyday lives, could have lost SERP (Search Engine Result Page) points. Perhaps the term invented for the occasion – mobilegeddon – is a bit heavy handed: this update only influences those who are navigating using a smartphone, thus excluding tablets – at least for the time being.

This time you can’t say Google didn’t warn you!

We at SDG Group weren’t found unprepared. We redeveloped our whole website – not only in its structure, but in its content as well – keeping the mobile-first philosophy firmly in mind. Our long work was finally rewarded by Google that certified us as mobile friendly. We know that the enterprise world isn’t always quick to adjust to change and, although Google had warned us in advance, maybe two months aren’t enough for everyone. A research by Portant, a company specialising in market survey, shows that out of 25000 websites only 40% were ready for mobilegeddon.

But the most important question is: did your consultant warn you?


Alessia Civita
Visual & Search Analytics

SDG Consulting Italy