Fashion, Luxury & Retail

The Fashion & Luxury goods market is facing new business challenges.

SDG helps organizations to improve their performance, analysing the business opportunities and financial trends related to globalization, consolidation and diversification, enhancing customer knowledge. We strive to empower companies to be active in achieving effective solutions for measuring customer experience, harvest useful feedbacks from purchasing processes and develop forecasting models.

Our consultants lead business transformations applying consistent methods which can open up the path towards cutting-edge perspectives across many segments of fashion and luxury management and distribution.


Key Factors

  • Variety: - Products Development - Project Definition - SKU Clustering - Price Optimisation
  • Variability: - Customer “Loyalty” - Demand Forecasting - Store Clustering
  • Speed: - Logistics Integration solutions - Standards of Service
  • Visibility: - Retail & Wholesales channels analysis - “Customer Journey” in the multi-touch points scenarios
  • Costs: - Efficiency - Cash-flow e credit management


Emerging Factors

  • From «Make to Order» to «Make to Stock» - focus on demand planning
  • New approach in Customer Relationship Management – customer intelligence
  • Retail Planning Precesses – «Open to Buy» focus
  • Product and purchasing processes innovations – S&OP and Lifecycle analysis
  • Focus on Sellout – sales intelligence and in store operation dashboards
  • Supply Chain Optimisation - Operation Performance Management
  • Channel Optimisation - Marketing Intelligence