Innovative Intelligence Transformation

Companies and CIOs are now dealing more than ever with the innovation processes occurring in information and communication technology, involving the whole Data Management framework. 

It is no longer an issue merely related to the replacement or fine-tuning of technologies, but it is rather a real revolution, which requires proper architecture and identification of the most appropriate solutions, in order to avoid redundancies, improve data quality, reduce analytics latency, avoid choices that would prevent a full development and seize the opportunities offered by a dynamic market with disruptive innovations.



A collection of organized business information lets you get the most out of your structured data. A well design data model is one of the key success factor in an Enterprise Datawarehouse system as well as a proper choice of the architecture and a consolidated design approach. We make sure your database management system meets the needs of consistence, simplicity and “single version of the truth”.


Nowadays it’s easy to collect and store a big amount of data, but unstructured ones can be out of range for traditional RDMS. We offer flexible solutions to map and manage new types of information coming from uncoded sources and open data exploiting hidden information "behind the mass".

In memory

Using an in-memory database system means you can get your data with real-time updates, analytics processes become faster and your Business Intelligence reporting much easier, to understand the business “now not tomorrow”. Especially for mission critical processes the benefits are countless, among which an effective Big Data architecture.

Enterprise Information Management

Whether your data are structured or loosely aggregated or complex, you need a smarter and faster process to master it for the real-world business outcomes. We will provide you with the highest level of disciplines and solutions to maximize the value of your data with a proper ETL, Master Data Management and Data Quality solutions.

BI Portals

Once data are normalized and collected then a solution is needed for use and share them within the company in an easy and pervasive way. BI portals are efficient when they are customized and flexible to changes and when the Business processes through the online services are supported enabling the interaction between all players. BI portals are designed for the company in order to support the continuous evolution and to accompany its new perspectives.