Breakfast meeting with Danone

Breakfast meeting with Danone

Breakfast meeting with Danone
Presentation Tommaso Villani
Presentation Albert Mas

Barcelona, 11th march 2015

Danone Spain shared, with leaders in the consumer sector in Barcelona, ​​how the solution implemented by SDG have successfully overcome their challenges in the analysis of business information, improving the quality of automatic orders with incredible results: reduced back goods by 5% on sales volume, improved product availability in store, OSA increased by 3% .

Benefits :

  • Monitoring and optimization of automatic orders
  • Reduction of 5 % on the return of orders
  • Improved availability of products in store at 3%
  • Increased by 3% OSA
  • Intuitive, simple and without training interface for all users
  • Mobile information access via mobile devices by management and sales force

Presented by:
Tommaso Villani , Head of BI area Sales, Supply and Customer Service of Danone Spain.