• Application must handle linguistic differences (between countries as well as domestic differences). Therefore the solution shall support configuration on different levels (country, brand, area, sales channel, store/warehouse).
  • Application must import data on a daily, level actuals data (e.g.: sales, effective hours, ineffective hours, and pieces) from external system or entered manually. It shall be possible to manually trigger an export of planned sales and planned hours to an external solution.
  • Application must be available for 24/7/365 usage.
  • Application shall be user friendly, self-explanatory and easy to use.  


  • Support process actual, budget, plan for store manager and group leader warehouse (around 4500 user).
  • Support budget guidelines start up criteria on a country/area level (budget process can be available for store user in 1 day). The solution is based on the software BOARD
  • Support real time reporting for country and global controller.
  • Create a unique “point of truth” for business data dictionary.


  • HM’s insight knowledge on business process as well on technology framework (from a pre-packed solution to toolkit approach flexible for future enhancements based on organization’s changes). 
  • Worldwide roll out delivery within 16 months.