P&L Closing and Open to Buy Planning

- Support Profit & Loss closing process integrating operational data and accounting data.
- Support strategic business shift towards Retail channel enabling stores’ performance evaluation in order to enable proactively an OpenToBuyprocess.



Closing Process - support Group control to coordinate closing process merging operational data and accounting data in order to standardize process and to create a Directional bookleton monthly basis.
Retail - define a unique business dictionary based on which Retail function can evaluate store’s performance among different countries.


Closing Process -create a workflow closing process enabling Group control to merge operational data and accounting data through a settings area, an adjustment area and cost accounting process.
Closing Process -create a cost accounting process enabling Group control to allocate cost on profit center dimension (business lines) adopting multi-criteria driver from operational data and/or manual data entry.
Closing Process -create an analysis in order to assess exchange rates impact on first margin analysis in term of “season” exchange rate and “budget” exchange rate (waterfall graph).
Retail Planning process -create an OpenToBuy process enabling Retail function to plan sell-through metrics in order to forecast OpenToBuy metrics based on carry over impact.
Retail Planning process –create a common reporting area for operational planning process.


Adoption of a “structured” operational planning process balancing business requirements (such as flexibility and ease to use) with the commercial calendar phases (overlapping activities).
Capability to increase Group control coordination among different functions adopting a unique process and technology.