Cattolica Assicurazioni

Cattolica Assicurazioni is a co-operative legal-entity structure, operating in the life and non-life insurance businesses in Italy. 
Today the Group consists of 22 companies, including 14 insurance companies.

Insurance subsidiaries of the Parent Company, include:
• 8 life insurance companies (Duomo Previdenza, Risparmio & Previdenza, BPV Vita, Lombarda Vita, Eurosav, Axa-Cattolica Previdenza in Azienda, San Miniato Previdenza, Persona Life)
• 5 non-life insurance companies (Il Duomo Assicurazioni, ABC Assicura, Cattolica Aziende, Tua Assicurazioni, UniOne Assicurazioni)

ƒOther Group companies consist of two real-estate companies, four service companies, one asset management company and one retail-brokerage (Fas) company